Here are a few places I found resources while building this site.


W3 Schools - Excellent tutorials and practice editors for learning HTML, CSS, PHP, and more.
Stack Overflow - This site has boards you can ask coding questions on. I learned a lot just by Googling problems I was having and ending up on their boards.


RPG Classics: Nakayoshi 'n' Me - For the Sailor Mercury sprite on the front page.
Whimsical! for the button. - For the image used in the layout.
DaFont - For the Barbie font used in the layout.
Affinity Photo - An excellent alternative to Photoshop, especially if you're just doing design stuff for fun and don't want to pay monthly fees. It's not exactly the same as Photoshop but it has similar features, some of which I think are better than what PS has to offer.